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We have three membership types to help you in your journey. Learn, get coached and mentored by accomplished and successful Business Owners, then pay it forward by becoming a mentor.

What you get in our program


Advance your career with networking, mentor-ship and professional development


Learn directly from Canada's Top Coaches & Mentors


Connect with a supportive community of thousands of professional women and men.


Attend exclusive events designed to help your professional and personal growth online and live.


Provide courses/programs. Be a mentor and a Coach. Access to our audience to Grow your client base by offering discovery sessions


Create lasting relationships and connections where people get to know you, like you and trust you. Therefore they will do business with you and refer you to others.

What our Members say about us


Claudia Harvey came to an event and became a co-author in our 1st book. This opened many doors for her within our circle of influence. She has now been on stage with Tony Robbins, Pitbull, Damen John and more! Would you like to speak on stage on that level?

Claudia Harvey

Hailey suffered through more than most people could imagine. Then, she came to an event and joined one of our projects. Now, Hailey is a happiness and resiliency coach and gets 20 to 30 new leads at every event. Some of the coaches we've helped are now charging their clients $500 - $2k/hour! How many of you are coaches? You NEED this event!

Hailey Patry

Greg Turner started a marketing agency but was struggling. He wrote a book called "SuperSize Your Business" and came to one of our events to give a copy to us. Now, Greg has acquired many clients through our network. "Thanks to you, today I have a marketing agency in Jamaica with a staff of 8 because of your events and circle of influence."

Gregory Turner

Gaby has a full-time job and wanted to be an author, coach and speaker. She contributed to our best seller, "Empowering Women To Succeed". At the book launch, she was hired to speak at a medical convention. They were so impressed that they invited her back. The organizer told her, "You have no idea how many doors I will be opening for you." We'll show you how to be a published author, gain credibility, status, and business growth.

Gaby Abdelgadir